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7 Major Steps in Choosing the Engagement Ring

Engagement is one of the happiest moments of your life and you really want everything to be just perfect, including the ring of course. If you’re trying to make this a surprise choosing the ring for your bride can be really tricky, yet possible. There are many things to consider and you’ll have to make sure she’ll like it. So what does the process of getting the ring include and how to make sense of all that? Click here for a guide on buying earrings.

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Your Engagement Ring

  1. Choosing a gemstone.
    There are indeed many things to consider. Traditionally, the diamonds are preferred and are considered the most common option. But some people get sapphire, which looks astonishing with this deep blue color, or the colored diamond which is still traditional but with this special twist.
  2. Details: size, shape, and color.
    The shape of the gemstone, its size and its color matter a lot and are just up to you to choose. There are loads of options and chances are high that once you go to a store you’ll get lost with a number of
  3. Getting a grasp of the band.
    Type of material matters here, it could be gold or silver, platinum, maybe white gold could be your option. Also, make sure you know how wide you want it to be. Generally, the rings for men are wider, but maybe your girl would love this massive ring too? They’re becoming quite fashionable nowadays.
  4. Make sure the size is right.
    It’s probably the most important and you don’t want to screw up here. Make sure it’s the right size and it will fit your darling. There is nothing more awkward that getting it wrong here.
  5. Calculate the budget.
    This is quite important. You don’t want to spend all your money on it, but going cheap doesn’t seem like a good option too.
  6. Choose a good place to buy from.
    It’s important to choose a good master or a good and reliable store. You could visit a couple and ask them some questions before you decide.
  7. Have you thought about the insurance?
    This is crucial and you want to insure the ring in case something happens. This is a quite common step and there shouldn’t be any problems here.

Should You Go Custom?
This is a good question if your second half is known to be a unique and bright person who wants everything to be one of a kind. You don’t have to go to a store and just follow the general guides there, but you could find a jeweler yourself. Making a design of the ring and choosing everything by yourself you’re making it much more personal add this romantic twist to your story. However, this can be tricky and risky, so many people still prefer to use traditional stores and follow the rules.

There are many things to consider and that are really important when you are making your decision. Think twice if you really want to do it all by yourself and make a surprise out of it. Going semi-surprise would be an option too. And many men are now proposing with the band, choosing the ring later together. Choose your best and make sure it’s the right decision for both of you.


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