4 General Tips for Choosing Earrings for Present for Your Spouse

4 General Tips for Choosing Earrings for Present for Your Spouse

When it comes to family holidays and memorable dates in a specific marriage, some people find themselves lost trying to choose the best present. When you know a person for a long time, you wish to please him or her with a present more than usual and that’s when it becomes a real struggle. And for men, with this wide variety of accessories and things specially designed for women, choosing the optimal option is even harder. A necklace or a pair of earrings make a generous and beautiful gift any female would love. But with this wide choice how you know what kind of earrings to choose?

How to Choose the Best Earrings

There are many rules and things to think about when you’re choosing the earrings as a present.

  • There are different types of faces and this is the main clue here. Look carefully at the features of your woman and get an idea of the shape of the face. There are general rules, like for the round face you never buy the round-shaped earrings. Narrow faces like the bulging and big items, when the wide faces prefer it elongated, but flat.
  • Many people say this really depends on the age of your other half. Young women would be better with smaller and more delicate types when the older females look better with bigger, longer and brighter models.
  • The skin color matters with this one. White and pale skin, blue or gray eyes and blondish hair, more “cold” type of appearance look great in silver, platinum or German silver. More tanned girls look stunning in gold.
  • Of course, it depends on what does your girlfriend or spouse do. She probably doesn’t want huge and bright earrings for her everyday wear in the office or to wear in the house. But those would be great for the artists and more eccentric people who love to get attention.

If you’re really struggling with the choice and neither photo of your spouse nor your personal preferences help to choose a pair, you can just ask your other half. This way it wouldn’t be a surprise, but you’ll get the best option and your woman will be pleased.

The Price Question

This is not the cheapest present, especially if you decide to get real gold or platinum. But even though this might hurt your wallet, you should remember that the low quality will lose the shape and the color way too fast, so it’s better to pay more. Just make sure the choice is right and seeing the happiness and the glowing face of your girl will make it worth buying.


As you see, choosing earrings can be tough, but the general rules that exist can make it much easier for you to choose a pair that would look stunning on your better half. However, you should also think of her own preferences and see which color she prefers and what kind of earrings does she usually wear. And don’t be afraid to ask yourself what kind of stuff she really wants and needs. Maybe she’s been thinking of changing her image and she wants to try something new. Anyway, this is a great present that will make your woman smile. If you are looking for tips for choosing an engagement ring, click here.

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