Engagement Rings

5 Main Types of Engagement Rings

The range of styles and materials for engagement rings can blow your mind when you first think of choosing one. Usually, such items are made only from precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. They not only look luxurious, but also don’t cause any allergic reactions from a permanent contact with skin. The most popular gemstone for engagement rings is diamond, pure and sparkling, and suitable to everyone.

There are five most popular types and sets of engagement rings people usually buy at out shop:


  • Such a ring can be done from any precious metal, including yellow and white gold, platinum, and silver. Its’ significance is in minimalistic design including one single diamond. The gemstone can be round, rectangular, triangular (rare), or polygon. The diamond is put in a setting from four to six prongs to prevent it from falling out yet not blocking its shine.
  • Solitaire with side additions.
    If you prefer a more detailed, complex engagement ring, consider looking at our collection of solitaire rings with side additions. In this case, small diamonds are put around or near a single relatively large diamond that is set at the center. Small gems are also put in tiny prong settings, and they can be placed anywhere you wish, creating a wide range of styles.
  • Three-stone.
    Another popular type of engagement rings include those from precious metals with three diamonds. Some connect them to the past, current, and future love and luck in relationships. It also looks wonderful, as three gemstones can be put differently to make up different styles.
  • Bridal sets.
    If you’re thinking of buying two rings at once, so they match each other beautifully and to every detail, consider buying a set. There are two rings of matching style, metal, and gem, with slight difference in design. One is used as an engagement ring, and another – as a wedding band, and they can be made in classic or in a wavy form to match each other.
  • Trio sets.
    These sets include three rings for one couple: a bridal set and a matching wedding band for a fiancé. They are created as matching rings, but some accents make one ring look more masculine and other two – more feminine.

Summing Up

To buy the best engagement ring or a set, it’s important to know what designs are suitable for such occasion. The aforementioned are the most popular, but there are more in our catalogues, so if you want to make a unique choice, contact us to get a consultation.